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Hurricane Sandy


Lindsay and I have now been back in Calgary for almost 1 month and now that I am home I felt this was the right time to post some pictures of our experience and acknowledge some things. I feel that the news has lost interest, even though people are still struggling to survive. We both understand that in the whole scheme of things, the area that we were staying in, remained safe and for the most part without incident. For others, their hurricane sandy story is very different. Their story is filled with losing their homes, valuables, lifelong memories and for some..... loved ones. To those people who did lose loved ones.... I am deeply sorry for your loss, I cant even imagine what you must be going through.
When I look back on what transpired over those few days, I thank my lucky stars that we made it home safely. Since I have been home I have felt this need to thank the city of New York and the people that make that city so special.
To all of the 1st responders who risked their lives to save thousands of people and to the few who we met.... thank you for your continued service and dedication to saving the lives of others.


I have the utmost respect to all of the medical staff who in the middle of a hurricane had to evacuate entire hospitals with winds hitting 110kmh and pouring rain. I cannot imagine evacuating the hospital I work in on a regular day let alone during a hurricane. To the old man sitting on his porch in Greenwich Village, w no power, handing out Halloween candy to anyone who walked by... thank you....You did it with a smile and put a smile on our faces. Under those circumstances, I know for a fact that I would not be so upbeat and kind.
Thank you to all the people of New York who we met and interacted with.... I was blown away by your generosity and kindness before, during and after Hurricane Sandy.


To all of our peeps back in Calgary and around the world... thanks for keeping tabs on us and making sure we were safe.... it made us both feel loved and cared for, even if everyone was back home.
And finally, thank you to the Irish pub on our block for staying open and feeding us, even though the menu needed to be changed every 2 hours to reflect what was in stock or what just ran out.


Thanks for listening
We will never forget you Sandy - along with millions of others.

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