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Nha Trang

We have a friend from home, Justin, who decided to leave Calgary last year and move to Vietnam. As beautiful of a city as Calgary is, the white sandy beaches, turquoise blue ocean and hot, sunny days of Nha Trang just seemed to be calling his name. He made a quick trip back to Calgary a few months ago and we mentioned to him that we were planning a trip to Vietnam. Immediately he reminded us of his new found home and from then on, we were destined for a visit. As we had been told by a few people that we didn’t need to go to Nha Trang because it was “just another beach town”, we were pleasantly surprised by what it had to offer. It also may have helped that we had local tour guides to show us around and take us to places that most tourists don’t even know exist.
Our first few days in Nha Trang were pretty relaxing - listening to the massive waves crashing along the beach (seriously, they were HUGE!) while we enjoyed the sun shining on and burning our skin, drinking coconut water right from the coconuts and enjoying the dense, green mountains jutting out of the ocean all around us. Not too shabby, to say the least!


On our second night, we met up with Justin and his girlfriend, Hue. Hue is amazing! She is from a town called Ha Tinh in northern Vietnam but moved to Nha Trang a few years ago. Justin met her at the dive shop they both worked at and they have been inseparable ever since. She made sure that we had the true Vietnamese food experience while we were there. We even joked that a few of the restaurants she took us to, Justin had never even known existed - we were the “special guests” ;). Whether it was the restaurant on the corner where we made our own spring rolls while sitting on plastic chairs and drinking beer on ice, or the restaurant beside an old rice field turned lake where we ate the most amazing fish and deep fried pancakes - we were always full and never left without a smile on our faces.


On our last day in Nha Trang, Hue said she had a very “special” place for us to visit. Excited and eager to explore, we rented our motorbike and met up with them at their apartment. Helmets on for safety, (and a new triangle hat in tow! Thanks Hue ;) ) we twisted and turned our way out of the city and along the coastal highway. We drove through so many cute little fishing villages with their blue boats swaying in the waves, little kids running on and off the sidewalks playing tag and so many dogs just trying to find some extra scraps of food. Even on the hectic Vietnam roads, we felt peaceful and relaxed.


After a 30 minute drive, (which supposedly is an eternity for Vietnamese drivers), we finally made it to our destination – The Ba Ho Waterfalls. There was a “path” leading to the river and eventually the waterfalls, but it was barely that. There were rocks and tree roots jutting out of the ground with the occasional water pipe acting as the path for a short time, which ultimately gave our $7 sandals from Thailand a run for their money!




We continued our hiking adventure when all of a sudden, the trail opened up to gigantic boulders towering in to the sky, a flowing river meandering through the middle and an enormous lush, green jungle bordering it all. As the sun shined down on us, we looked up to the left and saw the first of three (yes three!) beautiful waterfalls. It was easy to just stand there in awe, listening to the thundering water carve its way through the rocks and watching the sun glisten off the mist…but we had to forge on as there were two more to see! We finally made it to the top after choosing the most difficult trail to hike which included scaling boulders, holding on to whatever tree roots we could grasp and jumping huge crevices. Once we arrived at the top we realized that the arduous journey was ultimately worth it. The views were absolutely stunning and we savoured each minute we could while looking over the river below. 





Our time in Nha Trang was amazing. It was so great to meet up with old friends and make new ones at the same time. Our adventures in food and travel were second to none and this city will always hold a place on our hearts. Thank you so much Justin and Hue, for showing us the time of our lives!


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